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If you are buying a property or providing finance to a buyer, you need to obtain a land tax clearance certificate – OSR. The issue of a clear land tax certificate protects the buyer of land from having to pay any outstanding money owing by the previous owner.

Section 47 Clearance Certificates provide proof to a purchaser of any land tax owing on the property payable by a previous owner. The Clearance Certificate will tell you whether or not there is a charge (outstanding land tax) on the property – for privacy reasons the actual amount is not shown. The certificate will also normally show the current land value for the property.

Section 47 Clearance Certificates are provided on-line to screen. Sometimes a Clearance Certificate cannot be completed automatically and will go to Workflow. This means an officer at the OSR needs to review the request manually and will update the request. This usually occurs within 24 hours. Tri-Search will email you once the Clearance Certificate is available.

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