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Commencement of Real Property Regulation 2014

The Real Property Regulation 2014 will commence on 1 September 2014. It replaces the Real Property
Regulation 2008. In May 2014 LPI announced the main changes proposed in the new regulation in LPI
Circular 2014/06, available on the LPI website

All announced changes will go ahead, but changes to the standard for verification of identity will now
commence on 1 January 2015 instead of 1 September 2014. The key changes introduced in the
Regulation are:

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Land and Property Information fee changes from 1 July 2014

In May 2014 Land and Property Information (LPI) published information about proposed fee increases in
LPI Circular 2014/04 and sought feedback from customers. Following the customer consultation period,
fee changes have now been finalised. Details are set out in the attached table.

Are fees for all LPI products and services listed in this circular?
The attached table only lists fees that depend on the commencement of the following regulations on 1 July
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Proposed Real Property Regulation 2014

Land and Property Information (LPI) has published a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) and draft Real
Property Regulation 2014 on the LPI website at – Land and Property Information Legal Publications.

What is the purpose of the proposed Real Property Regulation 2014?
The proposed Regulation will remake the existing Real Property Regulation 2008, which must be
repealed on 1 September 2014 under the Subordinate Legislation Act 1989.

The proposed Regulation remakes the current Regulation with minimal amendments including:Continue Reading

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